A blog dedicated to Dreamworks' motion picture titled "Rise of the Guardians". When evildoer Pitch Black launches an assault on Earth, five immortal Guardians - Jack Frost, North, Toothiana, Bunnymund, and Sandy - must ban together to protect the innocence of children around the world. ,
Happy Wheels is the best Rage Quit, if you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it.

Ah, yes! I’ve seen that one! One of Michael’s many great episodes that never fail to amuse. xD 

omg this is completely random but have any of you guys seen rooster teeth’s series called ‘rage quit’?

it’s some of the funniest youtube material around and i burst into tears every time i watch it (from laughing so hard)


can I ask a request of a gifset of tooth interacting with the different characters, please? she's my darlin

Sure thing anon! I’ll be sure to complete your request as soon as I can. ^-^ 

Thanks so much for making a request and have a good one! :)